My name is Brian Robbins

I’m the founder of Red Pelican Music.

In late 2021, my company was acquired by Ensemble Schools. I wasn’t planning to sell, but the timing was serendipitous. I got the opportunity to enjoy some special time off with my young family (our kids were 2 and 4 years old), while dreaming up what I’d like to do next!

So what’s next? I am open to all possibilities perhaps starting another company, or going back to my roots as a musician. I’m also interested in collaborative ideas teaming up on a new project, consulting, or joining an existing entity (music-related or something entirely different). Perhaps there’s a something that I’d be perfectly suited for, but am unaware of? Please drop me a line if you have an interesting idea or suggestion!

Red Pelican Music

2009 – 2021

Founder & CEO

Red Pelican Music was a wonderful project. I founded the company in 2009, and ran every aspect of it until our sale in late 2021. Red Pelican began as a completely bootstrapped operation. I recruited two dear friends as our original teachers, and grew the company to over 40 instructors. I’m very proud to have built something so positive and lasting. We provided a great service that made people happy, and have hundreds of lovely 5-star reviews so show for it.

I feel lucky to have had the full entrepreneurial experience. From my beginnings as a scrappy entrepreneur, to my exit (selling to a venture backed company). Along the way, I picked up a wide-range of skills a real-world MBA, so to speak. Designing processes, hiring, marketing, management, sales, customer service, law, etc. Not bad for a musician who came to Los Angeles with a guitar and a dream 😉

 *Of course, there is more to my story. Prior to Red Pelican Music, I led a band, taught a zillion people to play guitar, and wrote a song that is pretty well known, but I’ll save that stuff for another time . . .

Currently, I reside in beautiful Carlsbad, CA with my lovely wife and our two amazing kids.

I’d love to hear from old friends and new ones! Email is best.